The Taco Rack Jr. 2 Pack

TacoJrPackaging 2 pack.jpg
TacoJrPackaging 2 pack.jpg

The Taco Rack Jr. 2 Pack


The Junior 2 Pack, is a discounted value pack for taco lovers, who need only 6 tacos. These can also be used on your plate, to serve three tacos each. Designed to hold up to 3 tortillas or taco shells each, for crisping, filling and serving.

  • Capacity 6 tacos
  • 4 Juniors will handle a full box of 12 tacos
  • Allows for easy crisping in ovens or larger toaster ovens
  • Cookware aspect to final heat the taco, and melt the cheese
  • Goes from Oven or Grill to Table
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning and storage
  • Stainless Steel


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