The Taco Rack "Chef Series" Singles have been chosen the Lorenzo staff to be the Taco Server of choice in their fine restaurant. 


Here is a little background to this awesome restaurant...


Lorenzo's Mexican Restaurant was established in 1979 by Gary Lee, a native of Southern California, who relocated to the greater Sacramento area in 1964.  Having been a chef for many years, Gary was always drawn to Mexican cuisine.  After years as an R.O.P. instructor, Gary decided to open Lorenzo's Mexican Restaurant.

Gary then stumbled across a retired Spanish chef named Bob Salinas, who assisted Gary in a few recipes that he was less familiar with.  The two worked together for many years until Mr. Salinas retired again.

Lorenzo's relocated to Roseville, California in 1993 and for over 35 years have continued to serve those same recipes by Gary and Bob. Lorenzo's has become widely known for their famous salsa and their recently created "Kick'n Sauce".

Lorenzo's remains proud of the high quality of their food and friendly service and atmosphere.

135 Sunrise Ave.

Roseville, Ca.  95678