How do I remove the blue vinyl coating?

To easily remove the blue vinyl protective film, simply scratch at the vinyl near the top of the Taco Rack where the vinyl is at it’s narrowest point. It will come away from the metal and it will peel off in one piece.

It is there to protect the finish of your Taco Rack during the manufacturing & shipping process. We recommend to wash the new Taco Rack with hot water, soap & a scouring pad prior to use.

What Materials are they made from and are they oven & dishwasher safe?

All Taco Rack models are made from Culinary Quality Stainless Steel, making them safe for ovens, grills & dishwashers.

All Taco Rack items are Made in America, from our manufacturing partner USA Pan, in Crescent, PA.

We here at The American Taco, LLC. support American Manufacturing Jobs!

Which models or packages are best for me and my family?

Two factors should be measured when considering to order. First how many tacos do you cook at one sitting, and how many people eat at the table.

Our Six Shooters or Seniors handle 6 Tacos each. We also have Triples & Juniors for 3 Taco applications. We also offer our unique Single for hands free garnishing on your plate.